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Sky City Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum rich in cultural architecture, serves as the reception center and museum for visitors to the Pueblo of Acoma. It is the gateway to Acoma “Sky City”. Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico is more than just a tourist destination. Its part of New Mexico's cultural heritage, as the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in North America and the 28th Historic Site designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Acoma history is also the story of the Southwest, from its initial role as the home to the Anaasazi people, to the thirteenth century founding of the Pueblo, which is still alive and well as a community and touchstone for Native Americans in the area and nationwide. 



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Acoma Pueblo and the Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’u Museum are currently CLOSED for visitation. 

We are taking every precaution necessary to protect the general public due to COVID-19. This will be in place until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.


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